Satisfied customers = the best success.

Finding committed and highly qualified specialist and management staff is one of the biggest challenges facing industrial SMEs. In the long run, classic recruitment services always pay off.

Expert Search

Technicians and engineers for key positions

How does BMC find development engineers for drive technology or a sales engineer versed in machine tooling?

We deal intensively and individually with both the candidates and the enterprises that are looking!

Our Expert Search encompasses the following tasks and positions, with focus on mechanical and plant engineering in the areas of:

Industry 4.0 / Mechanics / Electrics and Electronics

  • Service technicians and commissioning engineers
  • Robot programmers and PLC technicians
  • Design engineers and development engineers
  • Application technicians and engineers
  • Engineers, technical consultants and specialists
  • Project managers and project teams
  • Technical services, MRO, application technologies

Professional Search

Problemlösung mit einer IdeeOur strength – your company’s success

Only someone who knows your company’s DNA stands a chance of finding the right employees for you. We hire only experts with many years of international experience in mechanical engineering. When you’re looking for qualified personnel, it’s crucial to work with a competent consultant.

All of our recruitment consultants command deep knowledge of their specialties and industries. And on top of that is their enthusiasm and experience!

We hand-select the consultants that mesh best with your company and the expertise you’re looking for.

We fill technical and management positions for the German economy – worldwide:

  • Company and executive management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Development and design
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Purchasing and controlling
  • Quality management
  • IT and HR

Executive Search


High quality ensured by direct contact

Staff in executive management positions drive operations and take responsibility for the organisation’s strategic direction and, ultimately, its success.

That’s why taking the right personnel decisions is so critical, especially at the leadership level.

What experience must a candidate bring to the table in order to succeed in such positions at your company? What characteristics are absolutely necessary for the tasks at hand?

In this top segment of recruitment, it’s personal contacts, seniority, experience and vision that count.

It’s not enough if the candidates are technically excellent; they also have to fit in with the company culture. Exercising the utmost in discretion, we take up the hunt for the right people.

We use only the direct approach to fill leadership positions.