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As experienced recruitment consultants, we know which jobs suit your profile. Together we’ll find a company that needs – and will appreciate – your qualifications.

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Perhaps you would have been the ideal candidate for one of our clients – but we didn’t know about you!We can change that immediately. We treat your data with utmost confidentiality. Make sure you get the chance to be considered for a terrific new job. These days, many interesting positions aren’t ever advertised. For career success, it’s your personal contacts that make all the difference. Your open application makes you part of our extensive network.If you’re a specialist or manager in mechanical engineering, we invite you to get in touch with us. No risk or obligation.Take the initiative and use our quick application form. Or make an appointment for an individual career check with us, to see what opportunities lie in store for you.

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With us, you won’t go from the frying pan to the fire. Many qualified but dissatisfied employees shy away from looking for a new job. They’d like to make a professional change, but they’re skeptical: who knows what it’s like at other companies? We do.We’re not interested in plugging you into just any open position. Our aim is to bring you over to the sunny side of the street! It’s a small world, after all.We focus on your success and support you throughout the application process: from your written application to personal interviews through to the drafting of your employment contract.In the job openings section, you’ll find a selection of positions for which we’re currently recruiting. Maybe the right one for you is already among them! We look forward to accompanying you along your career path.

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Secure your advantage. Send us your no-obligation CV. Then, in an intensive and personal exchange, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll give you open and honest feedback on the impression you make and the qualifications you have to offer. Free and without commitment, we’ll advise you as to what your next career step could be. Whether you take that step today or tomorrow is completely up to you. As experienced recruitment consultants, we guide you along the way and share ideas with you.We’ll assess your resume, give you tips for a successful application and provide you with information on current salary trends. Should it come to a concrete offer, we’ll analyze the expectations on both sides: do you suit the company, and is the company right for you?With many of our candidates, we’ve kept close contact for several years. Take advantage of our expert know-how!