A direct and professional course to your goal.

Finding the right staff for an organisation only works when you know both the people and the work they do. Whether it’s drive engineering, automation, robotics or machine tool building – that’s where BMC consultants feel most at home.

Experts engaged in your success

WIN WINSuccess breeds trust. Trust breeds success!

Top-notch corporate references give us a competitive edge. We build on this with our contacts to excellent candidates.

As human resource experts, we know where to find potential job candidates, what they’re currently doing and what their strengths are. But we also explore the organisation’s concrete requirements at great depth.

We then make targeted, custom-fitted connections, thus laying the foundation for success.

Our focus is on the rigorous search for qualified technical and leadership personnel – that is, classic headhunting. But we prefer the term ‘Professional Search’ because our quest is serious and meticulous.

What we do is more like matchmaking: we bring people and organisations together. It’s our passion!

Experts in mechanical engineering

“Experts recruiting experts” – that’s our credo at BMC.

As experienced engineers and consultants, we know the industry inside-out and have spent years working in senior positions in mechanical engineering.

Our focal point is Germany: We place and recruit worldwide for key positions in German businesses. Or we find experts for foreign corporations that want to expand their footprint in Germany.

Our industry expertise encompasses:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Machine tooling
  • Robotics and automation
  • Electrical engineering
  • Drive and conveyor technology
  • Automotive
  • Plastics technology
  • Tool and mould design and construction
  • Industry 4.0

Today, we use our industry experience specifically to find – and promote – technical and managerial personnel for the mechanical and plant engineering fields. Our clients range from the largest publically-traded enterprises to Hidden Champions of the SME sector that are striving for leadership in their respective market niches.

Excellence for organisations

Success through strategy

So that you can continue writing your company’s history, we bridge the gap between people and organisation to provide you the ultimate in recruitment consulting. As a trusted partner, we’re happy to provide proof of the sustainability and excellence of our philosophy and services.

We take traditional values seriously. We cooperate confidentially and loyally with the people at all technical and leadership levels throughout the company. We’re passionate about providing competent employees to increase the competitiveness and added value of our clients’ organisations.

Our experienced consultants utilise both classic and future-oriented recruitment strategies. We offer our customers a complete package: ranging from the ultimate in headhunting – Direct Search – to Professional Search and Expert Search, through to ad placement services.