Experts recruiting experts.
Professional searches for industrial SMEs.

Personal contacts open doors. Benefit from our many years of experience and our extensive network.

People create success. Satisfied employees realise more of their potential. Find your true calling through BMC.

Our candidates place their trust in us. A job change should be well planned.  Together, we’ll analyse your strengths and weaknesses. And then we’ll hone in on the right position for you.

Careers based on consultation. Which path leads to your goal, and where is that goal to be found? Personal discussions with our experienced recruiters provide impetus and orientation.


Treating each other with respect. Mechanical engineering, SME, management – we know and appreciate the people behind the scenes. Experience builds bridges.

Developing long-lasting relationships. We live and breathe mechanical engineering; this industry is in our blood. Still, we’re always looking at things from new and different perspectives.

Let’s talk eye to eye. We approach every new organisation with enthusiasm, eager to learn about what it does. We scrutinise the requirements and offer professional suggestions.

Recognising potential. German mid-tier businesses have vast expertise and creativity at their command. We adopt their mind-sets and acknowledge their long-term perspectives. It’s exactly this entrepreneurial spirit that our clients so appreciate about BMC.


Professional recruitment saves time.
If you want to move your enterprise forward, you need to find highly qualified and motivated employees. We link up the right people with the positions where they’ll have the most impact on making your company more successful, more profitable and more marketable.

Technical competence brings expertise to light. Robust contacts, an industry-wide network and peer-to-peer discussions – take advantage of our deep industry knowledge.

The value of experience. Through intensive dialogue with your executive and human resource management, we get to know your organisation, your products and your staff. Together, we develop a detailed catalogue of selection criteria. Only then do we start looking. It’s personal and discreet